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Forestry or Hiko?

Upper Snowy Landcare Network has just completed a trial of Hiko (small) vs. Forestry (large) tubestock under their Dieback Project to plant back trees and shrubs. Under a $50,000 grant from the National Landcare Program, three different sites across the Monaro were planted with 1000 trees and shrubs each in […]

Let the dead trees stand

Last Saturday, a group of six Landcarers, aged 6 to 70, took themselves off to Gegedzerick Travelling Stock Reserve, the area surrounding the historic church atop the hill just north of Berridale. They had one question on their minds: how many of the dead ribbon gums lost to dieback contain […]

Landcare NSW supports bushfire affected communities

As reports come in from the devastating bushfires that have impacted so many of our communities, words cannot fully express how saddened our entire Landcare community is for the losses so many of our groups are experiencing. The statistics are staggering. Nearly 5 million hectares of land being burnt in the state’s […]

USLN Committee & AGM

Dear all Dear Members I am delighted to announce that Upper Snowy Landcare Network lives on! At our AGM the following new Committee was elected: Chair: Margaret Mackinnon Deputy Chair: Marc Ware Secretary: John Boyd Treasurer: Rhia Martin Committee Member:  Virginia McCoy Committee Member: Bill Clarke Committee Member:  Penny Cutner Committee Member and […]