USLN succession planning meeting – 15 Jan 2019

Dear USLN Members and associates

First things first, Happy 2019 to you all.

As discussed at our AGM (see minute below) we will be holding a special meeting for our succession planning on January 15th at 10 a.m.
The purpose of this meeting is to decide the steps we need to take in order to find new leaders for USLN by August 2019 when Shane Trengove and Harry Bentley are seeking to step down from their roles as Chair and Treasurer, respectively.  Please see below the minute from the AGM regarding this.
AGM Minute on succession planning

“A notice of motion regarding a plan for succession of the USLN Committee was submitted in advance of the AGM by HB.  After discussion during the meeting and slight modifications, the following revised motion was proposed:

  1. This AGM recognises that, if USLN is to remain a viable entity in terms of governance, the USLN Committee is in need of renewal through a planned succession.
  2. A major priority during the next year will be to formulate then implement office bearer succession strategies and increased active membership strategies. Strategies are to be implemented to the extent that the 2019 AGM can assess the continued viability of governance of USLN into the following year.
  3. Strategies on how to execute a wind-up of USLN are to be developed and presented to the 2019 AGM if it is clear that the future of the USLN Executive is unviable.
  4. The 2019 AGM will formally determine whether USLN will continue as an entity or enter a wind-up process.
  5. A Succession Steering Committee comprised of the 2018/19 USLN Committee and other interested persons will implement this motion and present a progress report to each general meeting. “
Since we are at a critical point regarding the future of our group, please find the time to think about what you would like to see happen with it.  If you cannot attend the meeting, please write in beforehand with your views.   These submissions will be circulated prior to the meeting.
The draft agenda for the meeting is:
1. Review of current situation
2. Review of submissions
3. Review of options e.g. membership drive, new project partners/managers (SEL,  LLS, SMRC), winding up
4. Actions for each option and timeframes
 Please RSVP and send submissions by Jan 10.  At this stage the venue is the Dawson St SE LLS offices in Cooma but this may change depending on whether the majority of attendees are from the southern end of our area.
Yours sincerely
Margaret Mackinnon
Secretary, Upper Snowy Landcare Network