2015 Calender Theme

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"Plants give the soil energy"

February 2012


Every year Upper Snowy Landcare produces a calender which includes a selection of fabulous artworks by our local school kids.  Schools from Nimmitabel to Adaminaby and from Cooma to Jindabyne and everywhere in between are encouraged to get their kids to create artworks inspired by our local natural resource management issues.

We’d like you to help us come up with this years theme!

It’s going to be river related, as we’ve been talking to some of our local kids about the importance of healthy rivers.  It’s a great opportunity to get the kids thinking about what they can do to ensure our rivers, streams and lakes are healthy environments and what animals might benefit from living in healthy waterways.

The Committee encourages students to explore a range of different techniques including paintings, coloured drawings and crayon works, as well as collages, washes and prints.

Our themes the last few years have been:

“Down under matters – caring for our soils”
“When the rains came – the changes in our landscape”
“Producing from our land – Sustainable food and fibre”

If you’ve got any suggestions for this years theme, please email them to [email protected] by the end of August.