Ag Drought Resilience Webinars – next one 27 Feb 2024

Land – Tuesday 27 February 12.00pm – 1.30pm, presented by Matt Barton

Operating a grazing operation is such a pleasure when we have more grass than mouths. The same can be said for the opposite as running out of feed creates high levels of stress for the country, animals, people and business. This webinar will look at the strategies and tools we can use to put ourselves in control and ultimately be Grazing for Profit. Topics include:

  • How to assess our real carrying capacity
  • Understanding rolling rainfall and trends in potential carrying capacity
  • Strategies to make sure you always have more grass than mouths

Production – Monday 25 March 12.00pm – 1.30pm, presented by David McLean

To be an effective primary producer, we need to be doing just that – Producing. Our production systems need to be performing optimally for our agribusiness to work. This webinar will take a look at:

  • Nutrition considerations – what animals need to perform
  • Classes of animals and their stocking rate implications
  • Selection of animals for optimising profitability

Business – Wednesday 17 April 12.00pm – 1.30pm, presented by Matt Barton

The final webinar in this series will dig into the numbers. Whether you’re running a commercial operation or a lifestyle block, the numbers need to stack up. Specifically looking at business decisions during times of variability, we’ll discuss:

  • Simple and effective gross margin analysis
  • Cost of not acting during stressful times (the downward cycle)
  • The RCS Three Secrets of Profit – where to focus and why.

Each webinar will be delivered by RCS on Zoom (links will be provided on registration). There will be adequate time for discussion and participant questions.

Registration via Humanitix essential by Wednesday 31 January 2024  –

Any questions or trouble registering please contact Jeni Cumberland [email protected].

Cheers Jeni

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