Soft ground for seedlings


Upper Snowy Landcare Network made the most of the season from heaven and planted 4500 mixed local plants into moist soil for a change.  

USLN are not the only mob putting back some of this much needed biodiversity, since the tree dieback wipeout. Greening Australia is doing large scale planting with a big effort recently at Severn Park and their research on E. viminalis (Ribbon Gum) provenance plots will soon start to tell a story on these usually robust and massive trees.  We have also seen the introduction of Keep it Cool, a new and younger tribe of planters on the Monaro scene.

For USLN, now that this seasons plants have gone in it is time to start planning for Autumn 2021.  USLN have a huge amount of planting work lined up including:

  • Revegetate and trial new technology around planting and weeding at the Gegedzerick TSR woodland recently leased by USLN with funds received from the Environmental Trust.
  • Plant out a large and highly visible site on the Kosciuszko Road with a special grant received from CHEP.
  • Monitor and water the biodiversity plots in situ and prepare ground for our final four plots. All up we can boast by the end of 2021 that we will have installed 30 x 1 ha tree dieback biodiversity plots thanks to multiple grants and considerable outside support.

Speaking of support, our hats go off to our amazing volunteers who over Spring answered our call outs and arrived in high spirits to various and sometime remote properties to help us assemble tree guards. Tree guards are a vital armour for new plants and are great to assemble in a bunch when there is a group of fun and very funny conversations on the go.

Photo: Volunteers celebrating the job of assembling tree guards on a property looking over the beautiful Snowy River in Dalgety.