The Upper Snowy encompasses a range of land types, including steep river country, woodland and grasslands.  The area includes large tracts of bushland as well as productive agricultural land.

The main Natural Resource Management Issues in the Upper Snowy region include:


  • Tree Dieback – loss of approx 2000 sq km of E. viminalis (Ribbon Gum)
  • Invasive weeds and Weeds of National Significance including
    • serrated tussock
    • African Lovegrass
    • Blackberry
  • Erosion – gully erosion and stream bank erosion
  • Soil health – 10 years of drought put enormous pressure on the  area and soil health and productivity is slowly recovering.
  • Biodiversity – the key to healthy ecosystems is biodiversity and Landcare works hard to ensure projects work towards a healthy ecosystem.
  • River rehabilitation – both the Snowy & McLaughlin Rivers run through our region and projects are ongoing to preserve and protect riparian zones and native habitat.