Containing the Invasion – Stopping Snowy River Serrated Tussock Getting Away

Snowy River Landcare Group have won a grant of $128,000 under the Commonwealth Governments Caring for our Country program.

This is great news for our local Landcarers, with the aim to control core infestations of serrated tussock in the immediate area of Dalgety, on the Snowy River.  These infestations threaten to invade the natural temperate grasslands that dominate the area covered by Snowy River Landcare group.  The funding will also be used to focus on the control of outlier light and scattered populations downwind of the core areas.

The project will comprise of three main components:

  • Targeted landowners in “core infestation” areas will be offered subsidised contractor spraying on a 50/50 cost share basis, with Landcare covering the full cost of herbicide and the landowners splitting the cost of the contractors;
  • Landowners in other areas where more scattered infestations of serrated tussock occur will be offered the opportunity to source herbicide on a 50/50 basis with Landcare covering half the cost;
  • A field day will be held to help local Landcarers and landholders in the Snowy River area to get up-to-date on the latest research and the most effective control methods for Serrated Tussock.  The field day will also assist landholders in putting together strategic management plans for their own properties for Serrated Tussock control.

If you live in the Snowy River Landcare area and are interested in the project please contact your local Landcare Group to find out more information.