Rushes Creek Project

Rushes Creek Progress Report – February 2015

Following the timber cleanup and follow-up weed control work in the upper Rushes Creek catchment, 90 tubestock trees were planted in early November 2014.  A survey on 30 January showed only 3.5 mortalities (1 borderline), a remarkable result.  We were lucky that sufficient rain fell at regular intervals over the summer to prevent high mortalities and we didn’t have to put much effort into watering.

There are another 100 tubestock trees to plant in Autumn.

Weeds sprayed were willow, poplar and blackberry regrowth and response has been variable.   This will be monitored to evaluate any further work needed.  This is a long term project and we need to maintain the success of our project by monitoring regrowth and having a plan for management.

Project Background

The remnant vegetation of Rushes Creek, near Jindabyne, which includes E.stellulata, E. pauciflora and Leptospermum species, has been significantly affected by clearing, grazing impacts and, more recently, the invasion of willow species and minor incursions of blackberries.

The Residents group has been committed to the control of WONS along the creek line and now is looking to prepare the site to facilitate revegetation works. The creek line is visually prominent to tourist routes to the ski fields and this project will be an opportunity for visitors to the area to participate in re-vegetation activities.

The project will prepare for re-vegetation activities by disposing of willows along 1.5 kms of the creekline and treatment of blackberries. The site will be prepared for the planting of approximately 500 – 600 trees and shrubs to expand the population of remnant vegetation along the creek line. Approximately 250 metres of fence line will be restored to protect the new plantings.