LANDCARE @ COOMA SHOW – 9 March 2019

Lovely to meet everyone at the Dalgety Show. Enjoy watching your native tree grow.

Upper Murrumbidgee Landcare and Upper Snowy Landcare are joining forces at the Cooma Show coming up this Saturday.

Together, with the help of two grassland experts, Sarah Sharp and Margaret Ning, we will run a quiz for landholders so they can identify native grasses that may occur on their properties or in the region.  All your grassland queries will be answered and and there will be Grassland Flora books available.

There will be a jar full of Kangaroo Grass seeds and the lucky winner who can guess the number in the jar will receive a Cooma Gift Card. We will also be running our Eucalyptus seedling give away with a small ID game this time so you can match your take-home seedling to a photo of the tree in its mature form.

We will have visual displays and as usual plenty of information sheets, brochures and bookmarks to give away and you can sign up for newsletters full of Landcare events and news.

See you all at the Cooma Show.