Landholders. Can you help out with Lovegrass research?

African Lovegrass – Is this becoming a familar grass ?  Please read below.
My name is Glen Shennan.

I am a masters student at Charles Sturt University, working with Dr. Richard Crabbe. We are conducting a study to attempt to detect African Lovegrass (ALG) using Sentinel satellite data in the Snowy-Monaro region. The Sentinels are European earth-observation satellites which make regular passes of Australia, allowing the study of the earth’s large-scale ecology, among other things. This technology has been used in the past to detect vegetative types (grasses, trees, heath) but not yet individual species. We are hoping to change that and by doing so allow increase the possibilities for the study of the ecodynamics and management of this invasive weed.

 In order to do this we need to find a number (hopefully around 20) sites at which to ground-truth our algorithms. We are hoping to find landholders who would allow us to come and do some ecological surveys and set up some ground-control points (painted targets). The land needs to be completely covered (or almost completely covered) with ALG, over an area of about 15 square meters (preferably with a few 15m2 lots per site). Un-grazed land is ideal, but grazed land is fine too.

 If you have (ALG) on your land and want to help out please get in touch:
 0409 580 381 [email protected]