USLN Committee & AGM

Dear all
Dear Members
I am delighted to announce that Upper Snowy Landcare Network lives on!
At our AGM the following new Committee was elected:
Chair: Margaret Mackinnon
Deputy Chair: Marc Ware
Secretary: John Boyd
Treasurer: Rhia Martin
Committee Member:  Virginia McCoy
Committee Member: Bill Clarke
Committee Member:  Penny Cutner
Committee Member and Public Officer:  Shane Trengove
Due tribute was paid to the outgoing committee, particularly to Shane Trengove, Harry Bentley and Lachlan Ingram for all their work in laying such a solid foundation for the next phase of our work. In recognition of their outstanding service to Landcare, Harry, Shane, Lachy and Howard Charles were elected as life-long members of Upper Snowy Landcare Network.
For the rest of you who have not yet officially joined USLN, please be patient and we will soon have in place an easy online join-up/payment process via our website.  A new fee of $20 per household was set at the AGM.
The Committee and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Margaret Mackinnon
Upper Snowy Landcare Network
[email protected].au

P.S. If you are interested to read all about the Justin Borevitz talk held on the same day as our AGM please take a look at this Monaro Post article.

Margaret Mackinnon
Secretary, Upper Snowy Landcare Network