Soil Health Workshops

Do you want to make informed farm management decisions to achieve positive outcomes for soil health & farm profitability?Assessing-Soil-texture-NSW

This 2 day soil health workshop will be facilitated by David Hardwick, an agro-ecologist with over 20 years experience in sustainable agriculture working in diverse roles including agronomy, soils, agribusiness, R & D, fertiliser manufacturing, rural training and extension and Landcare.   At the workshop participants will:

  • learn how to understand and assess the soil ecosystem in a paddock
  • use various indicators to objectively determine soil health
  • get hands-on by carrying out basic soil health assessment and monitoring activities
  • take home your own simple soil health kit.Soil-Health-Workshop-CT-landcare-NSW-web-350x250

Participants will undertake two comprehensive soil tests on their own property and then:

  • learn how to interpret your comprehensive soil test results
  • identify any soil restraints that may have an impact on your farms productivity
  • find out the management options available that will address any issues
  • learn how use soil health to maximise profitability and natural resource management.

Workshops will be held onNutrient-budgeting-Dunedoo
Friday 23rd September &
Friday 4th November.

RSVPs – Email Upper Snowy Landcare if you’d like to find out more.

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government