Successful AGM

We held a successful AGM on Wednesday night (30 July) at the Buckleys Crossing Hotel in Dalgety.

Thanks so much to Robin Sevenoaks (Chair), Peter Heeley (Treasurer) and Shane Trengove (Secretary) for stepping up again to fill our executive positions.  It’s a big task and we really appreciate the effort Robin, Peter and Shane all make.

We were lucky to have Stuart Burge come along and tell us a bit about his time on the LLS board and fill us in on what’s happening.  It’s pretty clear that it’s a new organisation that has a lot of challenges to face – with merging of three government organisations and finding a future direction among a host of other things.

Upper Snowy Landcare is convinced that there is a key place for us in this new LLS world and we’ll continue to work closely with staff to ensure that their strong support for our Landcare groups continue.