Snowy River “Weaving the Web” Biodiversity Fund Project

028South East Local Land Services is providing incentive funding to undertake biodiversity enhancement projects within parts of the Snowy River Catchment.

Projects will commence in January 2016 and will finish in June 2017.

The ‘Weaving the Web’ project aims to restore, manage and enhance biodiversity values across multiple sites on private land from the Upper Snowy River to Kosciusko National Park in NSW. Landholders are encouraged to apply for incentives for the following activities:

• Revegetation and fencing of waterways and terrestrial areas to enhance corridors and connectivity

• Fencing to protect and enhance remnant vegetation

• Weed control to reduce grassy weed threats in revegetation and remnant vegetation areas.

Information available here…

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Or for more information regarding eligibility contact Leon Miners, South East Local Land Services on (02) 6452 1455 or email [email protected].