Landcare Biennial Dinner

Landcare Dinner – Tree Planting to Improve Farm Productivity

We were thrilled with the turnout at our biennial Landcare dinner last month.  A great opportunity to get together with Landcarers across the Monaro and listen to Michael Platts informative talk about establishing farm trees and the difference they have made to his own operation.

Michael reinforced the motto “preparation, preparation, preparation” explaining that success is so dependent on ripping, moisture retention and weed control.  With good planning, preparation and management, establishment of farm trees is so much more successful with almost no need for supplementary watering (depending on conditions).


Michael told us of the journey he and Annie have taken starting the native tree nursery and of implementing rotational grazing.  Their tree lanes and tree plantings have greatly assisted with the transition to rotational grazing and stock management.

As usual the Anglican Ladies provided us with a delicious dinner and the night was a resounding success!

Thanks to everyone who came along.