UMCCC Forum – Managing your land for the future – Resilience & Adapting to climate change

2 Day Forum – Friday 18th & Saturday 19th March 2016

The climate is changing, temperature records are regularly broken, seasonal climate patterns are moving & extremes of drought and flood are predicted.  Those living on the land or managing land and water resources are dealing with the changes on a daily basis.  Managing for adaptation and resilience is essential.

This forum will showcase some of the ways people in our region are adapting to hotter summers and warmer winters, it will cover the latest information on managing for flood, fire, biodiversity, animal health & much more.

As part of the forum, field trips will be held to Gunning and Sutton, to demonstrate ‘whole-of-paddock’ rehabilitation and management of river paddocks for productivity, biodiversity and water quality.

Phil Graham of the NSW Department of Primary Industries will speak on managing livestock and local pasture systems under changing conditions; Boorowa landholder, David Marsh will speak on changes he has made to his farm over the last 30 years and the lessons he has learnt and how this impacted on the farm’s resources including its soil carbon; and Monaro Farming Systems farmers will explain why they formed and how they are helping farm businesses to be more profitable and resilient in the long term on the Monaro.

Dr Mark Stafford Smith from the Climate Adaptation Flagship at CSIRO will speak on planning and managing observed and anticipated changes in this region’s climate and Dr Jason Evans and Dr Malcolm Gill will address extreme rainfall and extreme fire. Presentations on business risks managing biodiversity connectivity in landscapes managing native pastures and farm wetlands

DAY ONE – Helping farmers adapt to climate change – extreme events & how to manage risk
DAY TWO – Building resilience in the landscape and benefits for the future from acting now.

Further info – Fiona 0412 245910
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Cost – $50 for both days ($30 for one day)