Snowy River Day – 20 October 2018 – Dalgety Hall – 9.30 am – 1.30 pm

Snowy River Day – 20 October 2018

 The annual celebration of environmental water releases into the Snowy River  9am – registration / 9.30 am start – 1.30 pm

 Complimentary morning tea and barbecue lunch provided


 The Snowy River Story continues: the past, present and future of saving Australia’s iconic river.

Claire Miller 

Platypus research on the Snowy River / Platypus Conservation Initiative/ impact of regulated rivers.

Dr Gilad Bino, University of New South Wales

 Snowy River Advisory Committee – Introduce committee members / goals and process / public consultation / management issues.

Snowy Advisory Committee Independent chair – Terry Bailey and Graeme Enders / Paul Packard – Office of Environment and Heritage

 Morning tea – 11.30 am

 10 Year Review Snowy Water Licence – public consultation – issues and outcomes

 Jeremy Kinley, Manager Snowy Water Licence Review, Strategic Relations / Water, NSW Department of Industry / Lands and Water

Impacts of pest animals on the lower reaches of the Snowy River

 Jessica Ward-Jones – Australian National University (Honours thesis)

Outcomes within the Snowy River catchment – 2012 to 2017 through various funding sources: Waters for rivers, Snowy River Biodiversity Project and the Environmental Trust

 Leon Miners, Senior Natural Resource Advisor, South East Local Land Services

Snowy River Alliance – Snowy River issues and goals

 Vickii Wallace – Snowy River Alliance – chair

1.30 pm – Lunch – barbecue lunch and refreshments

 Children’s Water Watch activity at the Dalgety weir

Lauren van Dyke – Upper Snowy Landcare Network

 The Snowy River Alliance thanks the South East Local Land Services for generously supporting this event.