The River Paddock

Field Days – Bredbo, Cooma & Dalgety

River paddocks can be the most productive area of your farm for grazing hay or cropping, and they are also important for biodiversity and for filtering runoff into rivers & creeks.

How these areas are managed can help ensure you get the most out of your river paddock for production, biodiversity and water quality.  We will cover:

  • Maximising ground cover
  • Managing nutrients
  • Effective floodplain cropping
  • Smart weed management
  • Promoting healthy riparian zones
  • Supporting bidiversity
  • Maximising livestock health
  • Preventing soil erosion

Held on:
Monday 23rd February – Cooma area
Tuesday 24th February – Bredbo area
Saturday 28th February – Dalgety area

From 10am-1pm followed by a BBQ lunch.

Field day directions will be provided upon RSVP.

RSVP to South East LLS on 6452 1455 or email [email protected]

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