Its a wrap – USLN finish Autumn Planting 2020

Thanks to grunt and true grit shown by hard working contractors and volunteers

This Autumn another 3000 native seedlings made it deep into the bare soil in response to tree dieback on the Monaro.  This biodiversity boost brings the tally up to approx. 17,000 seedlings planted (over 17 sites) since 2016 and under committed grant agreements, another 11,000 seedlings to go in by 2022.

All this effort, while it seems considerable, is just a drop in the ocean to the long term loss of habitat, shelter, food and nesting resources for wildlife, not to mention the denuding of our productive farmlands, from the mysterious dieback spanning 2000 sq km (size of ACT).

Shane Trengove, Chair of the Upper Snowy Landcare Network (USLN) said, “we would like to thank the contractors and their crews; Stone Bros from Bombala, Greening Australia Bush Crew and Sam Dryden and his team and our long term suppliers of the seedlings the Monaro Tree Nursery and tree guard suppliers, Sure Gro Tree Max Australia. Together, with their expertise, professionalism and sheer grunt, they have ensured Upper Snowy Landcare will acquit its National Landcare Program grant before time.  

The on-site volunteer crews this season require an even larger pat on the back due to their selfless commitment to working tirelessly throughout these long days.   Whether, collecting 1000 tree guards or assembling 1000 of them, this crew of volunteers had the spirit, generosity and grit to see the jobs through to the very end. We are totally grateful for their extraordinary effort”, said Mr Trengove.

The autumn plantings have also seen the full adoption of the use of the Cardboard Pro Tree Guards available exclusively from Sure Gro Tree Max Australia. First trialled last spring, it is hoped that the use of these hardy guards will prove to be an environmentally friendly solution to the dilemma of not being able to locally recycle plastic (corflute) guards removed from earlier plantings.

Mr Trengove is happy to point out that, “Sure Gro Tree Max Australia, have kindly agreed to assist in recycling the green corflute tree guards and we couldn’t believe our luck when the Cooma Correctional Centre put their hands up to take on the  job of brushing off the old soil and using their baler to press the guards into bundles ready for shipment. Incidentally, we are on the lookout for backload space on any Melbourne bound truck if a truckie/freight company would like to help us out.”

To keep apace of the Upper Snowy Landcare’s efforts, please find us on Facebook or go to or contact  Lauren Van Dyke, Dieback Project Manager, 0411 402 978 or Email: [email protected]     

Tree guard assembly in action at Silent Valley property.   Caption 3.  Cooma Correctional Centre have baling under control so the green tree guards can be sent to Sure Gro, Melbourne for recycling.