USL Committee

The Upper Snowy Landcare Committee is an umbrella group for Landcare Groups in the region.  The committee works together to lead and encourage strategies to improve natural resource management in the Upper Snowy by sharing information, skills, experience and support amongst regional landcare groups.  The committee comprises representatives from each of the Landcare Groups in the area and works to improve education and to develop on-ground projects.

The main natural resource issues the committee focuses on this this area are:

  • tree dieback
  • weed invasion
  • river rehabilitation
  • soil health
  • stream bank and gully erosion

Office bearers (welcomed in on 13 September 2017) to the Upper Snowy Landcare Committee are:

  • Shane Trengove, Chair
  • Lachy Ingram, Vice-Chair,
  • Margaret Mackinnon, Secretary,
  • Harry Bentley, Treasurer,
  • Bernadette Beck, Committee member,
  • Tom Beck, Committee member,
  • Kate Heeley, Committee member

If you would like to join a Landcare group in this area or seek further information please contact us.