USL finish plot on Northam TSR

Upper Snowy Landcare, Monaro Native Tree Nursery and the Cooma Correctional Centre joined forces yesterday to finish off the job of planting trees at the Northam Travelling Stock Reserve, Berridale. All up 1220 local native trees and shrubs have been planted with a fertiliser tablet and guarded to protect them from rabbits and the prevailing winds.

Costs involved to revegetate this site have been funded through a very generous $33,000 Snowy Monaro Community Grant and it will also cover the cost of revegetating part of another TSR in the region within the dieback affected region.

The lease over the Northam TSR is held by adjacent landholder Gail Stubbs who is very supportive of the efforts undertaken to restore some fresh native trees and shrubs into the region particularly in response to the stark dead trees surrounding the site.

Twenty men from the Cooma Correctional Centre didn’t waist anytime getting the tree guards on the seedlings as soon as Michael Platts from the Monaro Tree Nursery plugged them into the ground.  The crew also spent considerable time making sure every tree and shrub had a drink of water to tide them over until the next rain shower or snow melt, whichever comes first.

Upper Snowy Landcare have been working in partnerships with other groups like Greening Australia to try and put back some biodiversity in a direct and urgent attempt to provide replacement habitat in response to the tree dieback devastation.

Shane Trengove, the Upper Snowy Landcare Chair states, “It is impossible for our community landcare group to make any truly significant environmental difference due to the dieback affected area being so enormous, but if we can install patches of vegetation in strategic places and encourage other landholders to do the same we may see a positive change”.

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