Berridale Rocky Plain Landcare Group – good roll up for AGM

The Berridale Rocky Plain Landcare Group held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 with a good roll-up of landholders.

The gathering comprised of a mix mainly drawn from traditional farmers with commercial agricultural based holdings but also smaller landholders who share in common a concern for sound, environmentally aware land management practices.

These are landholders who care about their farms and spend an awful lot of time defending their pastures against the onslaught of noxious weeds. Instead of waiting for governments to eradicate noxious weeds, they are on their tractors dragging spray units, or on their four-wheeler bikes with spray units attached behind the seat, or they walk around their paddocks carrying a back pack full of spray, waging war on ‘the enemy’.

The landcare community are also socially aware people who come from all walks of life, who care deeply about the carnage creeping across the Monaro/Snowy Mountains in the guise of dieback in Australia’s native trees, the devastation of erosion gullies, the havoc wreaked by wild dogs and the worrying explosion of noxious weeds. Their concerns are for the community well-being and do not stop at their own gate.

The meeting received a report from Upper Snowy Landcare Coordinator and Dieback Project Officer, Lauren Van Dyke on the progress of the significant tree planting initiative being undertaken in partnership with Greening Australia. To date 7,000 trees and shrubs have been planted and site preparation has been completed for a further 5,000 plants.

The Berridale Rocky Plain Landcare Group are very interested in meeting and welcoming new members to learn from their experiences and to share local information.  Please contact Harry Bentley, Secretary, Email:

Caption for photo:

From left: Barry Aitchison (President), Harry Bentley (Secretary), Gail Stubbs (Committee member), Bill Clarke (absent Committee Member), Jill Burridge (Vice President), Tim Fletcher (present but camera shy Committee member) and Phil Daley (Treasurer).